Types of Carpet Cleaning Products

There are a variety of cleaning solutions used in this industry: different spotters, clean sprays, and emulsifiers. Let’s do a quick dig into these carpet cleaning products.

Residential Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to residential cleaning, the way we approach it is not aggressive at all, and the first step of the cleaning process is a gentle pre-spray.  However, there is no single spot cleaner that can remove all stains that happen on carpet. It is always best to test in an inconspicuous area to ensure compatibility.  Also important is to try on a small part of the stain with your chosen spot cleaner to make sure it works.  If it doesn’t work, call a professional cleaner.  The Aero Carpet Spot Cleaner is one that works for a wide variety of stains and is safe on most carpet fibers and it’s 100% safe. We always pay special attention to wool carpets because their fibers are delicate.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

For commercial carpet cleaning, we usually require stronger cleaning solutions. These spaces are busier than residential ones, so they accumulate more soil and residues, making it necessary for a different cleaning approach.

One of the main important things about pre-spray is dwell time. Dwell time gives the carpet a sufficient amount of time to clean. They are normally designed to sit for about 20- 30 minutes to be effective. Skipping dwell time is one of the most common mistakes made in the cleaning carpet process. After this step, we use emulsifiers and fiber rinses to remove the clean solution and the suspended soils. Using just hot water is not enough, leaving cleaning residue on the carpet is the most common reason they resoil quickly.

Spot Cleaners Solutions for Carpet Cleaning

Finally, let’s have a look at spot cleaners. There is also a wide variety used for different issues and stains like coffee, blood, wine, oil, etc. Spot cleaners have evolved and are much safer today. In the past, some of the available ones ended up banned because they were very unsafe.

So, the main idea about these carpet cleaning products is knowing how their chemistry works on the different carpet fibers and having the knowledge to choose appropriately. Strong pre-sprays and spot cleaners can work quickly, but they can cause permanent damage if used improperly.

Experienced technicians know what is most suitable and effective for each job and will not rush the process. Our technicians have been trained to use the best and most effective and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. Check out our services residential carpet cleaning and commercial carpet cleaning, and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions!