Why your rug collects so much dust?

I’m sure you’ve noticed that your rug is turning a darker colour. This is in fact dust that gets trapped in the fibers of your rug.

As expert carpet and rug cleaners, we understand this endless battle against dust and debris that accumulates on rugs. In this blog post, we are going to share with you all you need to know about dust, why is it accumulated on your carpet and rugs and the solution to removing it.

Why is my rug so dusty?

Dust is a combination of particles that can be made up of mostly skin cells, plastic particles, clothing fibers, hair or bits of your clothing. It is often from indoors and outdoors. These particles are travelling through the air at all time and sit on horizontal surfaces. 

There isn’t just one reason why your rug accumulates so much dust. In this blog post, we’ll dive into all of these factors and present effective solutions for getting rid of the dust, so you can enjoy clean and refreshed rugs and carpets!

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Reasons that Make your Rug hold so much Dust

1. The Fiber Factor Matters

One of the primary reasons your rugs collect so much dust is their construction. Rugs consist of long strands of fiber that easily attract and retain dirt, debris, and particles. These fibers act as tiny sponges, capturing everything from pet hair and skin flakes to outdoor pollutants. The very nature of these fibers makes rugs prone to accumulating dust, even in seemingly clean environments. 

2. The Journey of Dust

You may have noticed that even if you vacuum and shake out rugs frequently, dust seems to reappear magically. This phenomenon can be attributed to the way dust particles behave.When you walk or roll on a rug, especially with dirty feet, the dust trapped within the fibers becomes airborne. Some of this dust will eventually resettle back onto the rug, while a portion will land on other horizontal surfaces in your home. This airborne transfer contributes to the cycle of dust accumulation.

3. Neglecting Rug Dust Cleaning

Not having a regular dust cleaning can have serious consequences. Over time, the accumulated dirt and dust can cause the fibers to weaken, leading the pile to loosen and unravel. Everytime you walk on a dirty rug contributes to this issue.

Moreover, the constant pulling and on the fibers can lead to patches appearing on the rug’s surface. This is why you should take the rug cleaning seriously and if you need any kind of help, you can always approach professionals carpet and rug cleaners.

Do carpets accumulate more dust than other types of flooring?

So we have said that dust can be found accumulated in your carpets or rugs but you have to keep in mind that the true fact is that carpets don’t accumulate more dust than other types of flooring in houses or commercial buildings. What actually happens in carpets and rugs, is that they hold the dust whereas in other types of flooring, the air stays traveling all around the room.

In fact, in terms of indoor air quality, it’s even better to have carpets or rugs since this way, dust will accumulate on the carpet, and a quick vacuuming will leave your home completely dust-free.

Having a rug or carpet doesn’t necessarily mean more dust will accumulate than with other types of flooring. If you buy a new rug and you want to have it dust-free, make sure you vacuum it frequently and have it professionally cleaned every 12-18 months.

rug collects so much dust

Here’s the solution to get rid of Dust in your Rug

In the world of rug maintenance, understanding why your rug collects so much dust is the first step toward effective cleaning. The nature of rug fibers, combined with human activity and environmental factors, contributes to this ongoing challenge.

Regular cleaning and preventive measures can extend the life of your beautiful rugs. The dust rug accumulation doesn’t have to do only with the appearance, but also with the condition of your rug.Even though you vacuum your carpet frequently, it is vital to have a professional cleaning at least once every 12-18 months. In a professional area rug cleaning, you won’t just eliminate the dust, but also stains, soils, and accumulated debris.

Aero Carpet Rug Duster 

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