Carpet Cleaning Technicians’ Skills

All industries require certain specific skills that need to be learned or practiced. We are about to tell you the most relevant skills that a carpet cleaning technician must-have. Read on and find them out!

Firstly, let’s go through a little bit of background. The carpet cleaning industry has dramatically changed in the last 25 years in terms of the different fibers and manufacturing processes now being used. Before, the most frequent materials for carpets were nylon, cotton for upholstery, and wool for area rugs.

Currently, there are a wide variety of cheaper and popular materials available for customers to choose from. So, the first skill a cleaning carpet technician must have is the knowledge to identify materials, know how to clean them, understand their limitations, and not potentially damage them.

Technical skills like identifying which cleaning solution to use according to the characteristics and materials of each carpet, proper use of the equipment, and following precisely every step of the cleaning process, are necessary.

Another significant skill that a technician should have or develop is patience. Cleaning carpets or area rugs is a job that requires time. Not rushing the job is a very remarkable skill. Knowing the right amount of time that each project needs to clean and dry adequately is key to success.

Finally, a cleaning carpet technician should have the ability to communicate well with the customer. To avoid misunderstandings, technicians must have clear communication with the client, letting them know the job expectations, limitations, and what is achievable.

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