Why Do We Do Business the Way We Do?

The world of business is a huge one. We are proud to say that ours, is an old one learned generation by generation. Some of our technicians have seen this profession since they were young. Do they have the passion and knowledge in their blood? We can tell they do!

In this post, we are inviting you to come inside our business, sharing why we do business the way we do and how this differentiates us from other companies.

First of all, we are fully transparent with our clients. We don’t have hidden surcharges that will surprise you at the end of the working day, leaving you unable to act in the face of this lack of honesty. Being transparent is in our core values and business culture.

Moreover, our technicians are non-commissioned, so they will never overcharge you and will suggest cleaning schedules or options that make sense as well as save you money. They are highly experienced professionals that spend the necessary amount of time doing their job. Plus, they have been working at Aero Carpet for years, so customers are familiar with them and trust them.

On the flip side, they don’t work on commission. They neither have a sales pitch that sometimes could be out of place. So, they will not offer you extra services that you don’t need.

Do you know why we do business the way we do? We always have this answer in mind, and it is because we care about our clients, and we want to provide them with the best services and customer experience that they deserve. We are available for you.