Difference between Area Rug and Carpet: Which is better?

The flooring of your place is a decisive part of your home or office as it is the place where you spend most of the time and where your feet rest looking for calm, warmth, freshness, softness… For this purpose, carpets or rugs are a very good ally, although… Do you know the difference between area rug and carpet and which one is better for you? If you are reading this article you probably already know that both words are used interchangeably and that’s why in this blog, we want to explain to you the differences between an area rug and a carpet and which one is better for you.

The main difference between an area rug and a carpet is:

  • The carpet goes from wall to wall and is fitted to the floor, covering the entire surface of your home or part of it.
  • An area rug occupies an area smaller than the total surface of a room or a home.

More differences between area rugs and carpets:

1. Installation

Carpets require installation, which will cost extra depending on the size and quality – the higher the quality, the more expensive it will be. However, area rugs can be placed directly in the place of your preference without any additional installation!

2. Price and cleaning

Although both carpet and area rug are a single investment  you have to take into account their cleaning and maintenance of them. Area rugs are much easier to clean by following the manufacturer’s instructions or calling a qualified professional once or twice per year.

3. Mobility

If you are one of those people who like to give a different look to your home once the cold or warm weather arrives, an area rug is probably more convenient for you! You can easily swap it between rooms or change it to another one. A carpet is static and if you want to change it, you will have to go to a professional to avoid damaging the floor or the carpet.

Difference Between Area Rug and Carpet

Which is better: area rug or carpet?

Although carpets and rugs have many differences, both are a good choice as they will provide comfort and a new look to your home. . Depending on which one you choose and in which design and size you will give your home a warmer, cooler, smaller, bigger, smaller, modern, antique look… All the possibilities in an area rug or carpet!

EXTRA TIP: If you decide to combine your carpet with a rug area on top… Be careful! You may damage both the area rug and the carpet as the rug area is designed to be on a stable surface – otherwise, it could overstretch the area where there is more traffic – and as for the carpet: if you decide after a while to move the rug area, the area where you had the rug area may have damaged that part of the carpet causing irreversible damage. Moreover, you can combine them! You don’t have to choose just one. Another positive aspect of covering your floor with either carpet or rug area is that it is only one investment! Yes, you will have to keep it cleaned and maintained but if you take care of your carpet or rug area it can last for many years and become part of the new identity of your home.

If you still have doubts about how to choose an area rug, visit the King Living blog post which includes a complete guide on how to choose an area rug! 


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