How to clean Natural Stone Tiles without Damaging them

Is it time to clean your natural stone tiles? We know how to help you! The natural stone tiles are used in bathrooms, kitchens, and entrances… and if you have them in your place you may already know that they are the perfect ally to give a unique appearance and style to your home, office or hotel!

Natural stone is highly resistant and if you maintain it well, it should last forever. One of the great advantages of natural stones is that they are non-porous surfaces and therefore it makes more difficult the appearance of microbes, dust mites… Definitely a good choice if you have allergies! Another unique characteristic of natural stone tiles is that they are highly resistant to temperature changes and water exposure and this is why natural stone tiles are often found in bathrooms and kitchens.

If you also love natural stone as we do and you want to install it in your place, It is advisable to consult with professionals about which natural stone is best for your home, as it will depend on where you want to place it and what it will be used for. At the end of the day, they are an important investment for your home and the better you choose and maintain them, the more you will ensure they last in good quality.

Types of natural stone tiles

Within the natural stone tiles, there are different types that you can have in your place and depending on what type of stone it is, the way of cleaning the tiles can change, as happens with marble, for example. Other types of natural stone tiles are:

  • Travertine
  • Granite
  • Onyx
  • Quartzite
  • Sandstone
  • Limestone
  • Slate

How to keep your natural stone tiles clean?

To avoid damaging the tiles, it is important to be extremely careful and know which products and techniques can be used. Why so much care? Depending on which products you use, you could damage the stone, lose its shine, change its colour…

However, there are several tips we can give you when cleaning your tiles at home that will help you to keep them in good condition.

1. Protect the surfaces

Before starting to clean, the first tip is to protect the surfaces where your natural stone is with a rug, tablecloth, glass holder… Especially those where there is more traffic, such as at the entrance of a hotel or building. In this way, you will prevent the accumulation of dirt, abrasion, and scratches.

TIP: If you use rugs in areas where you have your natural stone, be careful when washing your rug! It is important that when a rug is cleaned it is left to dry on hangers so that it does not damage the floor and in this case, so the colours of the rug are not transferred to your natural stone tiles. If you need help cleaning your rug, you can always call us on (604) 321-7440. We are rug cleaning experts with more than 46 years of experience! Visit our area rug cleaning service and book an appointment with us.

clean natural stone tiles

2. Use a White Bristle Brush

To prevent scratches and to take maximum care of your natural stone tiles use a white bristle brush or a clean cloth, soak it a little in water and proceed to scrub your stone using circular movements. In case you choose to do it with cloth, choose a microfibre cloth as it works best for the tiles and to prevent any damage. In addition, you can also opt for microfibre mops which will make your cleaning easier.


3. PH Neutral Cleaners

Use non-acidic or pH Neutral cleaners. Why? Because with a pH-neutral cleaner you will be able to clean your natural stone without causing any damage (something that could happen with a different pH level) plus it is a non-toxic product. The pH scale ranges from 1 to 14, so a neutral pH would be 7. Depending on the type of stone, these may not work in the same way, so before using it, read the product recommendations and if you can, ask a professional to advise you on the best product for your natural stone.


4. Dry the surface

Use another microfiber cloth to dry the surface to prevent dampness from damaging your natural stone and to prevent mould. Also, if you are based in Vancouver like us, you should be especially careful as the cold and humidity can increase the chances of damaging your stone. Therefore, apart from drying your stone with the microfibre cloth, if it is in an indoor place, make sure to ventilate the place by opening doors and windows.

EXTRA CLEANING TIP: If you have a hot water hose under pressure, you can also clean your natural stone using it and it will remove most of the dirt from the tiles of your natural stone.


About Marble

As we mentioned at the beginning of the post, marble is a special natural stone that requires more specialised care and as it is one of the most popular stones for homes, it needs its cleaning guide!

The first thing you should know is that there is a finite amount of marble in the world and that added to its luxurious appearance, durability, its white and grey colours, and difficulty of installation makes it one of the most expensive stones. Knowing this, it is important to maintain regular cleaning to ensure that it endures in the best condition.

Despite having great advantages, there are also several reasons why marble could be a challenguing choice for your bathroom:

  • It is a particularly soft stone and therefore very absorbent. That is why sometimes it is not recommended to have it in a bathroom because if it is not well maintained or if shampoos, gels or acid products are used, it could get damaged and its colour could turn yellowish.
  • It is one of the most easily scratched natural stones.
  • It is a very slippery surface.
  • To keep it in good condition and help to make it less slippery and to clean stains more easily, it is necessary to seal the marble frequently.

How to clean marble tiles?

You can follow the same steps as above but with a few extra indications:

  • Avoid using all-purpose cleaners if they do not specify that they are valid for marble.
  • Do not use any brushes as they may scratch the marble.
  • Make sure you dry the surface well with a dry microfibre or cotton cloth.
  • If you want to preserve it looking as good as the first day, make sure to clean it regularly.


Common mistakes to avoid when cleaning natural stone tiles

⚠️ Do not use abrasive scouring pads that can scratch the stone, rather use sponges, mops and rags.

⚠️Do not use VINEGAR! For many home remedies, we know that vinegar is useful but not for most natural stones. The pH of products such as vinegar, lemon, and ammonia… can cause damage to your natural stone.

Clean marble tiles


It is important to clean natural stone tiles frequently to prevent dirt build-up. Every 12-18 months it is advisable to have your tiles professionally cleaned to keep them in perfect condition.

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