Pet Stains on your Carpet: Common Consequences

We have a large number of pet owners’ customers. Indeed, if you have ever come to our facility in Burnaby, you will know that we are dog owners too. And as you may have experienced, carpet accidents can happen even though the dogs are usually very well trained and behaved.

Cleaning Pet Urine

Pet urine as a stain is one of the most tricky stains to remove from a carpet or rug. Pet urine changes from being acidic to alkaline as it dries, and this transformation can complicate the cleaning.

Another major issue is that the urine can soak down and into the backing of the carpet. There are even times when so much urine can go through the carpet and soak into the underpad. Due to this, removing urine can be a very difficult process as a lot of what needs to be removed or treated is in the base of the carpet or on the underpad below.

Sometimes the only way to find pet damage is to inspect them with ultraviolet light because this technology shows up exactly where the stains are. And even then, a professional cleaning approach of urine stains could not be sufficient to remediate the problem. In those cases, we recommend replacing the carpet and the underpad.

A common complaint that can occur after cleaning pet stains is that there may be a strong urine odor. During the drying process, the carpets dry from the bottom to the top, and the odor can rise and be very noticeable.

Cleaning Tip for Pet Owners

There are numerous store-bought products available that you can buy, almost all of them provide only limited success. Pouring these treatments into the stains can cause them to go deeper into the carpet. The most important advice we can give to pet owners when dealing with this type of problem is to try and blot out as much as the initial stain as quickly as possible.

We also recommend that you call a professional carpet cleaning company to advise you on possible solutions and remove what is left on the carpet. . Our experienced and certified technicians are trained to use the best and most effective, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. Check out our services here, and do not hesitate to ask us your questions!

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