4 Reasons to have an Entrance Mat- Especially in Winter!

Entrance mats are essential in any building as they provide an important barrier against dirt, dust and moisture. Not only do entrance mats help keep your entryway clean and welcoming, but they also protect the floors of your building from damage due to weather-related elements. But… there are even more benefits that we are about to share with you in this post!

Reasons to have an entrance mats


Reduce number of professional tile and carpet cleaning

Keeping your entrance mats regularly cleaned will ensure that most of the dirt is trapped in them rather than in your tiles or carpets. Maintaining clean entrance mats will also ensure that the interior cleanliness of your building is optimal.

💡 PRO TIP: If you want to keep your mats always clean, the best scenario is to have two sets. At Aero Carpet, we can pick up, clean and deliver so you can always make sure your entrance mats are clean! Plus… Did you know that we are one of the few companies that offer this service? 

Multiple choices to choose from

From a cleaning perspective, mats made with solution-dyed Nylon are the best. Nylon is the most resilient and cleanable of all synthetic fibres. It is also very resilient and “bounces back” from heavy foot traffic better than Polypropylene, Polyester, or Acrylic. Nylon can be more expensive so if budget is a concern the other fibres will suffice but cleaning will be more time-consuming and possibly more expensive.

Entrance mats are also an excellent opportunity to provide brand exposure for your building or business. McCrann’s Cyrus can create a large array of matting options in many shapes, sizes, and colours along with logos designs.

It is recommended to have an entrance mat that provides enough room to get at least 5 steps on before transitioning to another flooring. The more soil that is trapped in the entrance mat means the rest of the building will stay cleaner.

Improve indoor air quality

Thanks to all the dirt, bacteria and moisture that the entrance mats will trap at the entrance of your building, you will preserve the best indoor air quality by keeping the carpets/tiles in a good condition. 

Remember that, especially in winter, it is essential to use mats as the mixture of salt and snow can get trapped and accumulate more dirt.

Prevent slips and falls

Entrance mats are an important safety measure to help prevent slips and falls on tiled surfaces when there is rain or snow.

Carpets and entrance mats that are wet are also dangerous when it comes to falls, so remember that it is not enough to have them, they must also be well maintained. 

Professional cleaning is recommended at least 1/2 times a year although this number will depend on other factors such as traffic, weather conditions, fabric, etc. 

Benefits of professional mat cleaning

Professional cleaning is an easy way to keep entrance mats in your building looking their best while ensuring they remain safe and durable throughout the winter. By investing in entrance mat profesional cleaning services, you can protect your entryway from damage and ensure that it remains welcoming and attractive all season long.

Remember that, in addition to professional cleaning, it is important to vacuum your mats regularly to reduce the build-up of soil and salt/ice melter. At Aero Carpet, we do have specific products for helping break down the salt/ice melter residue. If we need to clean mats on site, it’s always best to let us know ahead of time about this issue so we can arrive prepared!

Now that you know the importance of having an entrance mat and the benefits of having it professionally cleaned, it’s the perfect time to ask us for a free quote for your next professional cleaning! If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to call us at (604) 321-7440.