Rugs Over Carpets – Benefits & Disadvantages

Rugs can be a great way to add texture, warmth and colour to your home. However, rugs placed over carpets come with both benefits and disadvantages that should be taken into account before starting to use this trend. That’s why we at Aero Carpet Services LTD want to explain everything you need to know about the cleaning and maintenance of both.

Benefits of Using Rugs Over Carpets

Cozier and warmer home

Rugs that are properly installed also have the added benefit of providing thermal insulation which helps keep your home warm and comfortable. The rugs provide an extra layer of cushioning and help reduce the sound impact from foot steps or other noise sources, making your home quieter.

rugs over carpets

Save money

One of the great benefits of using rugs over carpets is the cost savings they provide. Rugs are typically less expensive than carpets, so they can be a great cost-effective way to freshen up the look of a room without having to replace the entire carpet. Similarly, rugs are easier to change or rearrange than carpets, allowing you to change them more frequently as your style and needs evolve.

To guarantee you save money in the long term, the key is to place your rugs in the high traffic areas. By placing them at the entrance of your home, in your living room, or in the place of your home/business where the most traffic accumulates, you will be concentrating most of the dirt on this rug, thus preventing it from staying on your carpet. In this way, you will extend the life of your carpet and therefore save money by not having to replace it.

Your pets will love it

If you want to make your pet feel more comfortable and also prevent them from sometimes peeing on your carpet, a great idea is to buy a comfy carpet that they will choose over your carpet. That’s why if this happens, it will be easier to clean it up if you can bring the rug directly to us instead of having to clean the whole carpet. If you have ever come to our office you will know that we are dog owners so ….We know from experience that they will probably love this idea!


The last major benefit of laying your rug on top of your carpet is the wide range of design flexibility it provides – you can easily switch out colors, textures and patterns to suit your changing tastes or follow seasonal trends. 

Disadvantages of Using Rugs Over Carpets

When it comes to rug placement, the rug over carpet trend has been gaining in popularity. As we have said, placing an area rug on top of a carpet can create a unique look that adds texture and personality to a room. However, there are some issues to consider before deciding to place one rug above another.

Damage and Discoloration

Area rugs over carpets can cause excessive wear and tear on the rug and the underlying carpet. Over time, rug fibers may break down due to repeated crushing, flattening, or shifting of the rug on top of the carpet. This can cause bulges in the rug as well as discoloration or fraying of its edges.

About Discoloration…

When area rugs are placed over the carpet, there is a high likelihood that discoloration can occur under the rug.  This can be caused by sunlight, temperature, and moisture.  If the rug has dyes that are not stable, they can migrate to the carpet with friction – often referred to as crocking.  Sunlight often changes carpet color subtly over time but may only be noticed if the rug is moved and the original color remains under the rug. Example: If you place an area rug over a wool carpet, this can inhibit the wool fibre’s ability to breathe and yellowing can occur.  

At Aero Carpet we deal with carpets that suffer from crocking. To fix this, we apply different products and techniques that make the dyeing settle in the carpet so that it doesn’t transfer to your clothes. That’s what we did with this purple rug:

Rug Pads are a must

To prevent these issues from arising in your home, it’s important that both pieces of flooring be adequately secured. To ensure that rug stays in place better and reduce slippage underfoot, rug pads are recommended for use below rugs. This will reduce the risk of rug fibers being damaged as well as preventing slips and falls on the rug’s surface.

Harder cleaning process

Another disadvantage of having a rug on top of a carpet is that it can be difficult to clean, or better said, there is no way to clean them thoroughly without the help of a professional rug cleaner (check out more videos from our Instagram to see what a complete rug cleaning process looks like.). Plus, vacuuming both the rug and the underlying carpet can be a time consuming process, as well as causing extra wear and tear if done too frequently. If it’s not cleaned regularly, dirt and debris can become trapped between the two layers, resulting in discoloration and damage to both the rug and the carpet.

Additionally, if the rug is moved or shifted without proper care, it can cause wrinkles in the underlying carpet that are difficult to remove.

Now that you know… You choose!

Ultimately, the decision to put rugs over carpets will be based on what your priorities are in the above list of benefits and disadvantages.If after reading this post you have decided that you are going to put a rug on top of your carpet, remember that it is important to take proper care of both pieces to protect them from discolouration and damage. 

At Aero Carpets Services we are Vancouver and Lower Mainland carpet and rug professional cleaners and we know how to properly take care of both! Don’t hesitate to call us to give them both a deep clean or for advice before making any decisions that may damage your carpets. Feel free to ask us for an estimate on (604) 321-7440 or through our website here.


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