Why Carpet Cleaning in Winter is a Good Idea?

You haven’t had the time in the summer to get your carpets professionally cleaned and you think it’s too late? Not at all! Winter is a great season to clean your carpets, just like any other season of the year, although it has great benefits that the others don’t. 

In this post we will explain why carpet cleaning in winter is a great choice and we will also provide you with some tips that will help you before hiring a professional carpet cleaning.

Why is it a good idea carpet cleaning in winter?



If you live in Vancouver, Whistler, Surrey, Richmond, Burnaby (like us!) or anywhere around Vancouver, you will know that the winter here is long and full of rain, snow, salt on the roads, dirt, mud… Even if we are careful to wipe our feet on the carpet, all of this enters into our homes, buildings, hotels, offices… That’s why during these months, your carpet will get dirtier and that makes it an ideal time to a professional carpet cleaning to make sure that all this dirt doesn’t stay permanently in your carpet. Moreover, it’s not just about dirt, if you have read our post about Water Damage on Carpets you will know that water can cause serious damage to your rug or carpet area.


Another good reason to clean your carpet in winter is that, although at first you may think that your carpet won’t dry properly, the opposite actually happens in places like Vancouver! Even if the weather outside is freezing, inside your home you will have the heat on and your home will be warmer than it would be in the summer. Additionally, thanks to the fans that professional cleaners have, plus the fact that in winter there is less humidity, makes Winter the perfect season to dry your carpet.

Carpet cleaning in Winter


It is true that this factor applies to all seasons of the year, but in winter it is even more important. Why? Winter is the season of the year when we spend the most time indoors, whether in your home, office, hotel… Therefore, the cleaner you keep your carpets, the more you will make your place healthier and more comfortable to spend the cold temperatures of Greater Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Because… Did you know that one of the places that harbours the most bacteria and germs ? In your carpets and area rugs! Thanks to professional carpet cleaning with hot water extraction we can remove all the dirt from your carpet and eliminate bacteria and germs.


Probably, before reading this article you were also one of those who thought that winter is a bad time to clean your carpet but… now that you know it’s not, you will benefit from this general misconception! Since it’s more typical to have your carpet cleaned in the spring or summer, usually in the winter the appointments are scheduled earlier and therefore, you’ll save your time. And… the schedule is still the same! In winter we also have office hours from 8 a.m to 4 p.m from Monday to Friday.


Tips before your Professional Carpet Cleaning in Winter:

 Now that you know that get your carpets professionally clean in Winter is a good idea, we want to give you some tips so that when you book your appointment with us you don’t miss anything!

Entry Mats

We highly recommend that you use entry mats to prevent as much water, snow, dirt as possible. They are easy washable and will trap all the dirt  that would otherwise enter your home!

Remember though! Due to the use of salt and other ice melters it is important to maintain a regular cleaning of them as dirt accumulates and could end up damaging your entry mat. By the time of your professional cleaning, we encourage you to let us know in advance that you would like us to clean your entry mats so that we have all the necessary products to remove all the accumulated dirt and soil.

Two Appointments

In Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, Coquitlam, North Vancouver, Richmond… or any of the surrounding areas you will know that the weather is unpredictable! That’s why in winter, on occasions when weather conditions are forecast to be adverse and may cause driving hazards for our technicians, we’ll schedule two appointments for you.

  • How does it  work?

If our team considers that your location, weather, light that day … may be a risk for our technicians, we will book a second alternative appointment in advance so that in this way, before any expected, we will have and alternative solution to get your carpets clean as soon as possible!

*We always hold to the first appointment and will only change to the second appointment in case our technicians are unable to access the home. However, this is not a common occurrence except in times of heavy snowfall or locations with difficult access.

Carpet Cleaning Portable Machine

Our carpet cleaning machines need to be connected to a water supply and to our van in order to perform our cleaning. Sometimes, either there are no outlets near the place we are going to clean or in winter, they are blocked either by ice or any other reason. However, we have solutions for everything! We always come with our portable machine in case there are any unforeseen events with which we only need water that can come from inside the property and we can start our cleaning!

Beyond the weather conditions of which from Aero Carpet try to provide solutions for all of them, winter is a good time to clean your carpet and leave it perfect for the rest of the seasons of the year.  

At Aero Carpet Services LTD we have been working in Greater Vancouver and Lower Mainland for more than 46 years under the sun, snow, lots of rain, wind… and nothing stops us! We have learned to give the best cleaning in all occasions and seasons, adjusting to the one that best suits you.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at (604) 321-7440 if you have any questions before your appointment or if you haven’t yet requested an estimate to your residential or commercial carpet cleaning, here you can request a totally free estimate!