8 Steps to do before a Professional Carpet Cleaning

Have you finally decided to give your carpet a professional cleaning? That’s great! You’ve already taken the first important step, now you just need to know what to do before your professional carpet cleaner arrives but… don’t worry! Here we bring you the 8 steps you will need to follow to make sure your carpet cleaning is a success!

1. Move your furniture

The most important thing to make your carpet cleaning a success is to clear as much of the area where your carpet is located as possible. Move chairs, tables, shelves.. The more of the carpet area that is accessible, the more the technicians will be able to clean. At Aero Carpet we help you moving light furniture and putting everything back in the same place before we leave.

In addition, at Aero Carpet we always recommend removing any electronics or breakables to avoid any damage.

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2. Remove everything on the carpet and protect your furniture.

If this is your first time hiring a residential or commercial carpet cleaning service, you may not be aware that carpet professionals need to use different machines to clean your carpet and achieve a perfect result. It is therefore advisable to protect and clear the way for technicians so that they can use their equipment successfully and also, avoid any damage to your place.

Pick up toys, objects or clothes lying on the carpet that may make the cleaning more difficult or lengthy. Also, if you have curtains in your home, fringed furniture, long tablecloths… everything up! Hung everything up so that the carpet cleaning technicians don’t spray or stain your belongings when applying their cleaning products.

If you decide to hire us for your residential or commercial carpet cleaning, don’t worry! We will install corner guards to protect your walls and we will elevate any drapery to keep your home safe and clean.

3. Pets… see you in a bit!

To avoid disturbing your pet with the noise of the equipment and facilitate the cleaning process for the technicians, it is recommended that pets are not present in the home at the time of cleaning.

⚠️Plus, be careful! Most carpet cleaners will need to leave the door from your home open in order to use their machines and this could result in your pet running away! If you have come to see us in our office you will know that we are dog owners and we know that these things can happen so we prefer to be extra cautious.

4. Vacuum before the professional carpet cleaning arrives

It is recommended to vacuum the area where the carpet is located before the professionals arrive as the first thing they will need to do is to pre-spray and in order to achieve the best cleaning results, there should not be any dirt left on top of the carpet. Plus, remove any remaining hair or items and in that way, you will help the carpet cleaner to focus on the localised dirt in the fibres.

5. If you can, leave a parking space in front of your property

At Aero Carpet, our technicians will need to park in front or in the closest place to the building or house to be able to set up all the equipment and also to be able to increase efficiency to the maximum. So if you can reserve a spot in front for the carpets cleaners either the day or morning before, they will be very grateful!

Before a Professional Carpet Cleaning

6. Communicate any stains or areas on the carpet that may need special treatment.

Depending on whether there are stains and what they are, the treatment and products used may vary so it is very important that you communicate all the information to the professional carpet cleaner before starting to clean your carpet.

In Aero Carpet, when asking for a free quote you can specify if you need any special treatment or any extra information that our technicians should know before the cleaning day.

7. Make the appointment when you have time

If you’re reading this post you’ve probably already made an appointment with the professional carpet cleaner but… you still have time to reschedule if you haven’t chosen a good day!
Bear in mind that apart from the time it takes for the technicians to prepare the equipment and carry out the cleaning, it takes another 4-8 hours for the carpet to dry completely. However, don’t worry, you don’t need to be present for the entire cleaning time, unless you want to be. You will only need to give us access to your property and from then we at Aero Carpet will take care of everything,

8. Do you have more questions? Just ask!

If you have questions before, during and after the cleaning, Aero Carpet technicians and team will be happy to answer them. It is important to communicate us if there are any special information that professional carpet cleaners need to know about, before they arrive to your place, that way they will be more efficient in the cleaning day.

If after the cleaning you want to make sure you keep your carpet in a good condition until the next professional cleaning , Aero Carpet Services sells spots cleaners (available upon request)… the same ones our technicians use! They are chemical free and they will be your perfect ally until your next professional carpet cleaning. Read more about the types of carpet cleaning products in one of our previous post  here.

Professional Carpet Cleaning with Aero Carpet

If you want to know more about how to prepare for a residential or commercial carpet cleaning with Aero Carpet contact us by phone (604) 321-7440  or contact us here. Visit our Instagram to see what a commercial carpet cleaning day with us is like. This time it was in Kitsilano (Vancouver, BC) but we operate all over the Greater Vancouver and Lower Mainland area! Go check it out now 👇


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