What is a Carpet Protector?

Have you ever heard about Scotchguard or Teflon? Both are types of carpet protectors. As the name suggests, their function is to protect the carpet by preventing liquids, dirt and debris from penetrating the carpet and becoming permanent.

In Aero Carpet we have a special treatment for rugs that have Teflon to make sure we give the right cleaning to each carpet. We have been working with carpet protectors for over 45 years and we want to tell you all the secrets! Keep reading and find out how this carpet protector is beneficial and when is truly necessary.

What is Teflon?

Teflon is a coating protector that is applied to clean rugs and textiles and helps prevent permanent staining. Interestingly, the protector is invisible (after it has dried completely) and you will never be able to tell if your carpet has it or not as it is odourless and it doesn’t leave a different feel in your carpet. For added benefits, it is non-toxic and 100% safe for your pets and kids. Experienced weavers that handle wool all day long can’t tell the difference between fibers that have been protected and those that haven’t.

Advantages of having a Carpet Protector:

Protector makes vacuuming more effective and helps to keep your rug from getting dirty. What a protector also does is make it far easier to clean up spills and messes.
It can prevent your carpet from permanent stains. If your carpet is protected and you have a spill, you have a little more time to remove it before it penetrates the fibers and possibly becomes a permanent stain. This is especially helpful when it comes to pet urine, which is very aggressive for carpets. Check out our post about the consequences of pet stains in your carpet. It is also useful to protect from common liquid spills like wine or coffee, etc.

What it a Carpet protector

Conclusion: Teflon or not Teflon?

Isn’t it better to prevent a problem rather than having to fix it later? Teflon allows you to remove a potential permanent stain, but like everything else is not 100% assured. Protectors are effective when carpets are placed in busy areas, with a lot of traffic like kids, pets, or eating and drinking spaces.

However, protectors end up being oversold in this industry, which, as you may have read in our blog, has some dirty little secrets. Not all carpets or rugs need a protector. Factors like the location and the type of traffic that exists are good indicators to know if you need one.

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