The Commercial Carpet Cleaning Process

Learn about the commercial carpet cleaning process and everything you need to know before, during, and after your cleaning service. Whether you have already hired our carpet cleaning services or you are about to do it, in this post we will solve all the doubts you may have about what is commercial carpet cleaning, how often it is recommended to have it done, and what you can expect from the cleaning.

What do we consider Commercial Carpet Cleaning?

The first thing to know is what we consider commercial cleaning. In Aero Carpet and most companies in the industry, we have two types of carpet cleaning: residential and commercial. 

  • A residential carpet cleaning includes those private properties (apartments, houses, duplexes, triplexes…) and they are usually smaller in size than commercial cleanings. In addition, in this case, they are usually hired by the person who lives in the home.
  • Commercial carpet cleaning is more varied and usually larger businesses (restaurants, offices, gyms…), transports (bus companies, trains…), and properties (buildings, hotels…). The hiring is executed through an intermediary of the company.

For us, that’s not all! We also do boat carpet cleaning!!

When should I request a Commercial Carpet Cleaning?

Now that you have confirmed that what you need for your place is a commercial carpet cleaning, the next thing to know is when you need it.

How do you know how often you need cleaning if there are no visible stains? As a general answer, professionals recommend carpet cleaning at least once a year. However, for commercial cleaning, it is usually better to do it at least twice (or even 3 or 4 times) if your property has a lot of traffic if it is exposed to pets, food spills, water damage…

If you have doubts, you can always call us and from Aero Carpet Services LTD, we will help you to know how often you should give your property a commercial carpet cleaning and protect it from bacteria, germs, dirt, permanent stains… Without any compromise, you can reach us and we will be pleased to assist you!

The Commercial Carpet Cleaning Process

Before the Carpet Cleaning

If you have decided to let Aero Carpet Services LTD help you with your carpet, we guarantee you that you are in good hands! 

The first thing you should do is call us at (604) 321-7440 to request a free estimate or do it through our website here. We will get back to you within the next business day to give you all the details and wait for you to accept the quote.

*Sometimes, before giving you an estimate, we will have to come to your property to measure the place where the cleaning will be done and give you a detailed quotation.

Once you have accepted, we will schedule an appointment for the cleaning.  Our next contact will be the day before the cleaning, we will call you to remind you that our technicians will come to your property and leave everything ready for the next day.

Carpet Cleaning Day

The cleaning day has arrived! We will come at the appointed time or even a little earlier to start setting up our equipment. Depending on the size and difficulty of the cleaning, sometimes one or more technicians will come to your property.

Aero Carpet’s Van

As we told you on 8 steps before a Professional Carpet Cleaning whether, for residential or commercial carpet cleaning, we need to park our van near your property to be able to use our machinery. So, if you could reserve a spot for our carpet cleaners nearby we would be very grateful!

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

If for some reason it is not possible to park near your property, it would be very helpful if you let us know before we come to your property. Don’t worry, though, because we also have portable carpet cleaning machines… We are ready for everything!

Set Up Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We will need you to give us access to the building and to the water supply (if there is none, just let us know and we will have an alternative solution). Once we know both, you don’t need to stay in the building if you don’t want to. We will take care of everything.

We care about your safety and the safety of people in and around the building. That is why we will make sure that our machines do not interrupt access to the building, making it accessible to everyone. In addition, our technicians will place corner guards and drop cloths wherever required to protect the walls and the flooring. 

In addition, as you can see in the photo below, we will post signs warning that it is important to use extreme caution when walking on the carpet and tiled areas as they can be slippery. 

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Although it is recommended that the carpet areas are as empty as possible to help facilitate the work of our technicians, don’t worry! If for whatever reason your clients or residents of the building need to leave or enter the property, they will be able to do so without any problem, as long as they remain cautious.

The Commercial Carpet Cleaning Starts!

After a quick set up of our machinery and caution signs, we will start cleaning. If you have asked us to clean several floors, we will start from the top floor and continue cleaning floor by floor until we get to the hall.

Cleaning Steps
  1. We apply the pre-spray with a non-toxic and environmentally friendly cleaning solution all over the surface.

Spray Carpet cleaning 2. We identify if there are stains and if there are any, depending on how they are, our technicians will use the necessary cleaning products to remove them. 

3. Steam cleaning of the entire carpet surface, again identifying stains and focusing more on them. In this case, there was also carpet in the elevator so once we got to the hall, we took it out and cleaned it in the same way: pre-spray and steam carpet cleaning, as shown in the photo.

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4. Cleaning of the entrance mats. In this carpet cleaning, after cleaning them following the same process, we took the mats out to the garage to dry faster. With the arrival of cold weather, it is essential to clean the entrance mats more frequently as both ice and salt could damage your mats.

And that’s it! We will pick up all our machinery and inform you that the cleaning is finished, on time, and leaving your carpet and mats completely ready for the next months! 

After the cleaning

We have a 30-day guarantee on all of our services and also… we offer a special discount for residents of the properties we clean on any service and any day other than the clean day.

And… if you’ve already seen the amazing results our technicians achieve, we’d love to hear your feedback! Our goal is to keep improving our cleaning services and customer service. So, if you have a moment, we invite you to leave us a review on Google here.

We hope this blog post has helped you learn how commercial carpet cleaning works. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or have not yet scheduled your appointment.

We look forward to seeing you on our social media profiles where we post the best cleaning tips and tricks!


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