The Carpet Cleaning Process

The carpet cleaning process is relatively straightforward. When you are opening the door of your home to us, our main premises are safety, efficacy, respect, and honesty. Said that, how is it a typical cleaning carpet process? The client is the one who breaks the ice and calls to request information and to schedule an appointment.

Once the appointment is scheduled, our technician will visit your place to evaluate the space and the work that will need to get done. At this time, you will know the cost of the service, and as you can read in our previous blog post, why we do business the way we do, we don’t have surcharges and our non-commissioned technicians will expend the necessary amount of time to complete their work.

On the cleaning day, the technicians will set up their equipment and place corner guards and drop cloths wherever required to protect the walls and the flooring. Following, as the first part of the cleaning method, they will pre-spray and use a non-toxic cleaning solution to get ready for the hot water extraction or steam cleaning process. Then the carpets are cleaned and extra dry passes are done to remove as much moisture as possible. One of the more popular questions we get is how long will the carpets take to dry. In most instances, they will dry in approximately four to six hours.

So, as you can see, the cleaning carpet process is not a tricky one. However, we consider that three key factors will make the difference. Firstly, a piece of great and modern equipment that can face the dirtiest carpets in the world. Secondly, the expertise of the person doing the job, and finally the appropriate amount of cleaning time.

Are you planning your next cleaning carpet session? You can request a quote here and let us do the rest. We will give you back a home that is cleaner, healthier, and safer for you and your family.